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Oakleaf holds their annual seminar to promote another year of successful working relationships

The annual Oakleaf Commercial Services Partners Seminar was held on Friday 6 December, welcoming many of their contractors and suppliers to the Group’s Head Office at Foley Grove.

The seminar provided updates on many areas of the business including news on the plans to modernise some properties as well as build new homes over the next 10 years, whilst looking at home safety.

The Group is currently in the process of upgrading their computer system which will be introduced during 2020. The guests were provided with an update of the proposed system and how it will bring information in one place for everyone across the business. The introduction of the Contractor Access Portal will enable external contractors to easily manage works orders more efficiently they receive from Oakleaf. This will all ultimately provide a better service for the customer.

With the move to towards working more digitally across the Group, they want to improve the availability and facilities available for tenants such as improved broadband services and introduction of smart technologies.

Health & Safety is taken very seriously, and the guests were given a in depth presentation on the importance of the different types of dust that can be open to construction workers and the impact on their health, as well as ways to protect against these and using the correct safety equipment.

The Group is keen to follow a new incentive that wants to encourage more Women into Construction and help to change the face of construction. Always keen to encourage this, it has become a national and local incentive to try and overcome the pre-conceived cultural barriers amongst women and employers.

Ian Hancock, Managing Director for Oakleaf Commercial Services commented: “We have held this event for several years and is always very successful. Our working relationships with our supply chains are very important and it allows us to keep them up to date with future plans for the business and to thank them for their ongoing contributions and support.”

The event was completed with a charity auction to raise money for KEMP Hospice. The impressive amount of £2,396 was raised – thank you to everyone who donated!

Published - 13 Dec 2019