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Oakleaf achieves Gold Fleet status whilst improving their driver safety and risk

Oakleaf has introduced the Masternaut Connect system across their 127 vehicle fleet to replace their previous system, whilst managing to achieve Gold Fleet status, outperforming the Masternaut benchmark in terms of fuel efficiency during the first year.

They needed a solution that could have easy access to and would keep track of all the key areas including vehicle speed, location, arrival and departure times, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, MPG, harsh breaking and acceleration events and idling, which their previous system couldn’t do.

After 12 months of using this system, the company has not only achieved Gold Fleet status which recognises them as one of Masternaut’s greenest customers but it has resulted in the company to:-

·         Reduce speeding events from 160 per week to just 40

·         Achieve a 50% reduction in unnecessary vehicle idling

·         Achieve a 30% reduction in harsh breaking and acceleration incidents

The above has also contributed to achieving an estimated annual saving of £9.5k in fuel costs for the company.

Keith Burgess, Executive Business Manager for Oakleaf Commercial Services commented: “It’s encouraged good driving behaviours that reduce cost, decrease vehicle emissions and better manage the risk that our drivers and mobile staff encounter whilst on the move.”

There has been a very positive reaction to the system and drivers have adapted and improved their driving styles to be much better and safer.

The Oakleaf Grounds team has also recently replaced seven of their Tipper vehicles for more cost effective and secure vans (pictured), which have customised racking to efficiently transport the mowers and gardening equipment.

Published - 02 Oct 2018