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Sara runs ahead of the pack and becomes an Alpha Wolf

Sara Cheung - Wolf Run
Congratulations must go to Sara Cheung, Gas and Electrical Compliance Officer for the Oakleaf Energy team, for completing the final Wolf Run to become an Alpha Wolf. Not only did Sara complete the challenge of all 4 races but she also hit her target and raised over £200 for the charity KEMP Hospice.

Currently part of a corporate partnership with Oakleaf, KEMP provide specialist care and support to patients, families and carers who are dealing with life limiting illnesses and bereavement within the Wyre Forest.

These runs are 10km (6.2 mile) off-road runs that feature a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course. Around 6000 runners participate in every event per weekend and each of the four events run during the year; spring, summer, autumn and winter. Once you have completed all four, in the same calendar year, you make it to the status of an ‘Alpha Wolf’ and for this Sara was presented with a prestigious medal.

Cathy Sloan, Fundraising Manager at KEMP Hospice, commented: “That is brilliant news! Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Sara. She is truly amazing for undertaking all of this and supporting KEMP.”

For further details on the work that KEMP Hospice do, visit

Published - 30 Nov 2016